About DiploConsult

DiploConsult is a group of former senior diplomats who,
throughout their long careers in the German diplomatic service,
have gained detailed knowledge and contacts in a vast range of fields.
Our hallmark is outstanding professional competence,
inter-cultural experience and high motivation.

Global Consulting

All our members have career-long professional experience in foreign countries. They have built up useful networks and have intimate knowledge of politics and culture in the countries and international organizations in which they have worked. We complement the service of the Foreign Office.

Take advantage of our worldwide connections and contacts for your own on-site networking

DiploConsult’s members act independently and on the basis of their personal assessments. They provide services in their own name, on their own account, and at their own responsibility.

What makes us unique is our potent combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in international affairs. By pooling the expertise and contacts of our members, we can offer an exceptionally broad range of services, which enables us to assist you in your projects in an ideal way – do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Professional expertise in political and public affairs both at home and abroad
  • Access to relevant persons.
  • Independent assessment
  • Pooled resources


We carry out projects in Germany and abroad.
We support your business activities in the conceptual and preparatory stage, accompany the implementation and evaluation of your undertakings, and are at your disposal for improving projects already under way.

Are you looking for an analysis of the political, economic and cultural conditions in a country – be it out of general interest, for holding a speech or because you want to invest there – ask us!

We also write descriptive and analytical articles for newspapers which do not have foreign correspondents in the country.

Are you in need of a risk assessment for an investment abroad? We can help you.

Did you ever feel after making an investment abroad that you should have asked for expert advice earlier? Many businessmen turn to embassies and the Foreign Office only when the damage has been done. In order to avoid this, we offer you concomitant consultancy of a lasting nature on all of your foreign investments.

Are you looking for expert speakers on foreign policy issues and foreign countries? Thanks to years of professional experience as public speakers, we offer speeches and lectures in all kinds of fora – academic, economic, political and cultural.
When it comes to organizing international events, protocol issues often arise: from cultural peculiarities through orders of precedence and table order to proven procedures for a smooth operation. We assist you in all questions of protocol, the organization of events (including large-scale ones), and in educating/training staff members in protocol matters.
We advise you in all questions relating to administrative organization and in personnel matters.
Members of community administrations who deal with refugees and immigrants need certain knowledge of the background of these people in order to help them. We offer courses informing staff about the history and the political, religious and cultural situation in the countries from which these people have come. We have members who speak their language. Since we have worked in an administration at nearly all levels, we also can advise you on improving administrative procedures.
We have experience in supporting foreign governments and international organizations in training high-level executives. We also offer this service to German institutions and private enterprises. In doing so, we focus on the topics you request.  Generally, we cover protocol and organization matters, press work and negotiation techniques as well as questions of public international law.
We have colleagues who can advise you in the following specialties:

  • Security policy, arms control and disarmament, development aid policy, education issues and political Islam
  • Intercultural dialogue, background information on the situation in the countries of the “arc of crisis” in the Near and Middle East and Northern Arica, migration issues
  • Media, public relations, press work
  • International energy policy, OSCE, UNESCO, world heritage
  • Conflict prevention, conflict management and conflict solution, negotiations in special situations
  • Questions of international law, law of the sea, international tax law
  • Conference interpreting, language service (structure, composition of crews)
  • Tropical medicine, occupational medicine


Cruise lecture: political and historical educational holiday

With the help of one of our consultants, a German cruise company has developed a new type of holiday: “The political and historical educational voyage”.

Diplomatic College

The approx. 9-month on-the-job programme offers young diplomats from Europe, Central Asia, and the Southern Caucasus region the opportunity to experience Germany from a variety of perspectives.

Foreign policy commentaries on the radio

Members of DiploConsult comment on foreign policy developments on the radio


Regions and themes

Our consultants have lived in many countries for several years and have specialist knowledge in different fields. You find in them responsible, experienced and considerate partners, who combine theory and practice in international affairs with useful contacts and routine in public appearance.

Ulrich Brandenburg
Bernd Braun
Ortwin Hennig (Russia/Southern Caucasus)
Doris Hertrampf (Tadschikistan)
Dr. Albrecht von der Heyden
Dr. Gunter Mulack (Zentralasien)
Reiner Morell (Central Asia/ Southern Caucasus)
Bernd Mützelburg (Russia)
Rainer Schlageter (Kasachstan)
Dietmar Stüdemann
Konfliktprävention, Verhandlungen in Krisensituationen (Hennig, Adt, Catoir, Mulack) (Terrorismusbekämpfung (Mulack, Catoir))
Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (Adt, Stüdemann)
Entwicklungspolitik (Mulack)
Interkultureller Dialog (Mulack, Weckbach)(Bildungsfragen, politischer Islam (Mulack))
Tropenmedizin, Betriebsmedizin (von Laer)
Sprachendienst (Siebourg)
Energiepolitik (Bobinger, Morell)
Internationale Rechtsfragen (Geier, Catoir, Müller)
(Internationales Seerecht, internationales Steuererrecht (Catoir))
Politische Analyse (Bildungsfragen, politischer Islam (Mulack))
(Sicherheitspolitik, Rüstungskontrolle, OSZE  (Hennig))


All members of DiploConsult benefit from life-long experience in the German Foreign Service and have specialist knowledge in many fields.

Consultant overview


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