Cruise lecture: political and historical educational holiday

With the help of one of our consultants, a German cruise company has developed a new type of holiday: “The political and historical educational voyage”.

Diplomatic College

The approx. 9-month on-the-job programme offers young diplomats from Europe, Central Asia, and the Southern Caucasus region the opportunity to experience Germany from a variety of perspectives.

Foreign policy commentaries on the radio

Members of DiploConsult comment on foreign policy developments on the radio

Training journalists from the Chinese news agency Xinhua in Beijing

The project was realised as part of a variety of training activities offered by the German publishing house Rommerskirchen for Chinese journalists, primarily aimed at current or future foreign correspondents of the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

Speeches and conferences on the crisis in Greece

Since 2010, Dr. Wolfgang Schultheiss has regularly held speeches and conferences on the crisis in Greece

Protocol training for OSCE staff in Kyrgyzstan

The staff of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek and the Field Office in Osh took part in two four-week training courses on the job in protocol matters.

Protocol training of employees of the Senate of Cambodia in Phom Penh

In a three-week seminar, staff members of the Senate of Cambodia where taught general rules of state protocol.

Education and training of diplomats and other high-level state executives in Madagascar and Mauritius

In both countries, three-person teams comprised of DiploConsult members carried out two-week courses for diplomats and other high-level executives dealing with international affairs