Protocol training for OSCE staff in Kyrgyzstan

On behalf of: OSCE

Project period: fall 2015

Project description

Staff members of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek and the Field Office in Osh took part in two four-week courses in protocol on the job. The topics were:

  • General questions of courtesy (also in the office)
  • Etiquette (including dress codes and invitations to peoples’ homes)
  • Visits (incoming visits of delegations, official invitations, table order)
  • State protocol
  • How to conduct meetings and negotiations
  • Speeches / rhetoric
  • Verbal and written communication (e.g. how to address people, wording invitation, congratulations, condolences cards; wording and handling of e-mails)
  • Rules for specific groups such as drivers and security personnel.

The seminar was conducted in English. Participants received a certificate of attendance. The consultant left a protocol manual and made recommendations as to arrangements in the reception hall of the embassy and the procedures for receiving guests.

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